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Philips offers more affordable LED bulbs

Philips has added myVision and myAmbiance bulbs, two new LED bulbs to its LED lighting family with more affordable prices, making LED lighting more accessible to mainstream consumers. These products expanded consumers¡¯ choices to make the switch to energy-efficient and environment-friendly LED lighting at a lower price.

The new myVision LED bulbs consume 6W or 9.5W of power and emit light output similar to standard 40W or 60W incandescent bulbs, respectively. The myAmbiance LED Bulb is dimmable with compatible dimmers and uses only 12W of power to generate more light than a standard 60W bulb. Designed to resemble a traditional frosted light bulb, the LEDs fit into existing screw or bayonet cap sockets, enabling an easy transition to LED lighting. All Philips LEDs are mercury-free and produce high quality natural shades of white light.

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